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Ever since I can remember, I've always had a passing interest in photography. One thing or another always kept me from pursuing it, even as a serious hobby until 2016. Since picking up my first DSLR, I've spent a large amount of my spare time finding what drives me as a photographer - exploring nature, landscape, portrait, abstract, and product photography. I'm finding myself able to do all of them in certain capacities, all while adding my own style.

While I work to join the ranks of semi-professionals in my area, I also ensure I'm still having fun. At least a few times per month (preferably every weekend) you can find me out exploring the metro parks or other areas in and around Columbus, taking in nature and trying to bring back visual pieces I enjoy and hope others will, as well. 

I'm looking to build on everything I've learned and continue to evolve as a photographer, while still considering what I can do to make it fun.

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